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Huh?Itachi x Hinata?
Right. You read it correctly. This is a community dedicated to the pairing
ItachixHinata from the popular anime series, Naruto.


But why ItaHina?
The only reason I(we) can give is that I(we) like/love/adore this pairing.
Period. And I(we) am(are) also interested to explore the
possibilities of this pairing, however minute.


o.O Oka-ay
Yep. So if you're interested, or if you like this pairing like I(we) do, join!

Some Rules:

1. Absolutely NO bashing of any character, pairing, or anyone for that matter.

2. Use an LJ-cut where necessary.

3. Do give a warning if there are spoilers or mature themes in your posts.

4. Keep the posts related to the community. As long as it's ItaHina, I wouldn't
even mind if you post a 3000-word essay on how great and awesome It is.

5. Promoting of other communities is allowed, but keep it low.

6. Enjoy your stay here!

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